Climate Action

Devidayal Solar

Bandhu is a tech platform that connects workers with jobs and affordable rental housing.

Hamara Grid

Hamara Grid installs solar mini-grids that supply electricity to a village comprising 100-300 houses. It also facilitates livelihoods training for village entrepreneurs and facilitates the purchase of livelihood machines that can be run on the mini-grid for income generation.


Katidhan is engaged in the business of producing solar smart animal deterrent technological solutions that are conceptualized, iterated, designed and manufactured in India. The animal repellant keeps animals away from the farmland, thereby protecting the cattle and/or the agricultural produce, enabling profitable returns for farmers.


Rukart is engaged in the business of providing maintenance cost-free cold storage solutions called subjee-cooler. This acts as a farm-gate solution for flowers, fruits and vegetables to farmers, FPOs and retailers. It ensures higher income due to reduced wastage, long-lasting freshness, zero power requirement and longer shelf life of the produce.


“S4S specializes in the dry processing and dehydration of horticultural produce, and is actively engaged in the sale of dried processed products. Additionally, S4S offers training programs to women in specific regions, enabling them to process the produce provided by S4S into various processed products that meet the needs of S4S clients.


Coolcrop manufactures and sells solar-powered cold storage solutions that can be purchased by farmer collectives like FPOs, SHGs etc. Coolcrop also deploys cold storage in the BOOT model wherein a service fee is collected for the storage of commodities from farmers until the cost is recovered and the system ownership is transferred to the buyer. This is named ‘Cooling as a Service’ or CaaS.

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