Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise offers women instant, high-quality, and affordable reproductive healthcare right on their phones, ensuring privacy and convenience. The platform leverages AI/ML technology, providing evidence-based and data-driven mechanisms to support gynaecologists in making informed care decisions. As a result, women can receive prompt and cost-effective care without compromising on quality.

Green Delight Innovations (Brand name – Bliss Pads)

Bliss Sanitary Pads are Bio-based pads, made entirely from organic materials. With a feathery soft cover and high absorbency, these pads ensure maximum comfort and protection. Additionally, they feature a leak-proof bottom sheet.

Padcare Labs

PadCare is a menstrual hygiene management
solution that completes the
loop of the menstrual hygiene
economy by generating
harmless, recyclable output out
from soiled pads.

Arnam Impact

CancerMitr is a patient-centric community platform that offers swift access to affordable cancer care, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions from cancer discovery to recovery.

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