Green Delight Innovations (Brand name – Bliss Pads)

Bliss Sanitary Pads are Bio-based pads, made entirely from organic materials. With a feathery soft cover and high absorbency, these pads ensure maximum comfort and protection. Additionally, they feature a leak-proof bottom sheet.

Bharat Krushi Seva

Tech-based advisory platform driving adoption of digital agriculture to help farmers reduce their production cost and increase yield.

KNP Arises

KNP Arises has built a marketplace to upcycle used cooking oil to create a healthier and cleaner society. They convert the used cooking oil into usable biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Swachha Eco Solutions

An integrated waste management organisation that collects, transports, segregates and recycles waste plastic from households and industries. The collected plastic waste is further processed into plastic granules, which are either used to create in-house products/mixes or sold to vendors.

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