Climate Sense Pvt Ltd (Farmers for Forests)

Climatesense Pvt Ltd, are branded as farmers for forests that provide sustainable ecological restoration and conservation in partnership with rural communities. Based in Maharastra, the organisation provides end implementation, monitoring of aforestation and agroforestry projects.

Cherries (Jalodbust)

“Cherries Engineering and Innovation India Pvt. Ltd. is addressing the challenge
of manual scavenging through an innovative product – JALODBUST Pride. This is portable,
multi-functional Sanitation Service Equipment which pumps high-density faecal and
sanitary sludge from leach pits, septic tanks and manholes.”


“A B2B SaaS platform that digitises road safety audits to make the process more accurate and faster
for Road Safety Auditors. “

Green Armor

Upcycles locally available coir to create a sustainable material combining coir & biopolymers.

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