Climate Action

Bharat Krushi Seva

Tech-based advisory platform driving adoption of digital agriculture to help farmers reduce their production cost and increase yield.

KNP Arises

KNP Arises has built a marketplace to upcycle used cooking oil to create a healthier and cleaner society. They convert the used cooking oil into usable biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel.

Climate Sense Pvt Ltd (Farmers for Forests)

Climatesense Pvt Ltd, are branded as farmers for forests that provide sustainable ecological restoration and conservation in partnership with rural communities. Based in Maharastra, the organisation provides end implementation, monitoring of aforestation and agroforestry projects.

Swachha Eco Solutions

An integrated waste management organisation that collects, transports, segregates and recycles waste plastic from households and industries. The collected plastic waste is further processed into plastic granules, which are either used to create in-house products/mixes or sold to vendors.

Green Grahi Solutions

GreenGrahi is an agri-biotech/climate tech start up that rear BSF (Black Soldier Flies) to convert pre-consumer food waste streams into high quality insect feed & bio-fertiliser.

MoWo Fleet

Redefining the multi-modal urban mobility landscape by building women-run fleet services in the B2B and B2C segments.

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