We are moving away from the Villgro Fellowship in favour of a more customised approach of hiring talent for Villgro portfolio companies. For more information, write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you want to be a catalyst for change? Do you want to use your skills to help others? Do you want to build businesses for the poor?

The Villgro Fellowship gives you a unique opportunity to get started. We are looking for skilled professionals to work closely with social entrepreneurs who are building businesses for the poor. The Fellowship allows you to immerse yourself in a social enterprise and go through a leadership training program that exposes you to thought leaders, entrepreneurs and academics in the field to support your professional and personal growth.

Why become a Villgro Fellow?

The Villgro Fellowship is your pathway to explore the fascinating world of social enterprise and experience the journey of an entrepreneur. As a Fellow, you will apply your skills, energy and passion to gain an in-depth understanding of the complex problems of the poor and contribute towards solving these, using innovation and enterprise.

You will be part of a transformative leadership development programme that will hone your skills and personality and expose you to business models that serve the poor. Our curriculum engages you with thought leaders who will push you to think creatively and build on your strengths and expertise so you can effect social change. Your year as a Villgro Fellow will be an immersion through adventure, learning and networks. We are proud to say that many of our Fellows have gone on to become social entrepreneurs and work with social enterprises.

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How does a Fellow contribute to a social enterprise?

Social entrepreneurs use the power of innovative ideas - such as bee-keeping that increases farm yield or cost-effective anaemia testing machines that prevent maternal mortality - to change the world for the better. These social enterprises often face a shortage of talent in important areas like business development, product design, operations, finance, marketing among others.

After a month of training and induction, the Villgro Fellow will join one of Villgro's portfolio companies as a team member. You will work directly with the entrepreneur, get immersed in the day-to-day activities of building the business and gain first-hand exposure on addressing the needs of the poor.

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