From an idea that your family would invest in to an idea a VC would invest in.

SEED (Social Entrepreneur and Enterprise Development) is an intensive 8-month journey designed to help you sharpen your business model and raise your first round of funding.

High-touch mentorship

SEED Mentors have 15-20 years of experience, have run their own companies, and have reached executive levels across sectors. They engage with you for two hours a week, and stay on location for the workshop. Along with your Villgro portfolio manager they will help you execute your Investment Plan so you can raise investment by the end of the programme.

Investment plan

At the Selection Panel, you will receive feedback on your business proposition from those who matter the most – investors who could potentially invest in your enterprise. Two months in, the Diagnostic Panel (including an Investor) will do an analysis of your business and identify your roadmap to investability. This panel will check back with you periodically.

Funding opportunity

You will have the opportunity to receive funding of Rs 10 lakh from Villgro and our investment partners midway through the programme. This is based on performance and if the Villgro panel sees your business showing traction and on its way to investability.

Stake in Your Success

We are putting our money where our mouth is. Under our innovative payment model, you are free to leave if you feel that we are not adding value. Since our success is based on your completing SEED and raising funding, we are holding ourselves to the highest standard of accountability.

See the Transformation Roadmap

Key Dates

Cohort 1
August 2014: Selection Panel
March 2015: Graduation
Cohort 2
November 2014: Selection Panel
July 2015: Graduation
Cohort 3
March 2015: Selection Panel
November 2015: Graduation

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