If you are a professional with a minimum of 3 years work experience…
If you have worked in one or more of the following functions: Strategic planning, Finance and accounts, Human
resources, Sales and marketing, Design and Operations…
If you are excited by the idea of applying your skills to practical solutions and create a social impact…
If you have leadership qualities, can take initiatives, have clarity of thought, can turning ideas in to reality…
If you are curious to learn something new… Above all, if you are passionate about changing the world for the better…
You have what it takes to be a Villgro Fellow!


Social change is a complex science. It takes people with not just skills, but also character to bring about real change on the ground. The process for the Villgro Fellowship is rigorous, so as to pick the real change-agents of tomorrow.

Step 1: Application

Pick the positions you want to apply for.

You can apply for more than one position but we will determine the best fit, based on our understanding and experience of you and the position.

For a full list of positions for the next cohort, beginning September 2013, please check back here in March 2013.

Send in your detailed resume, along with a 500 words essay on – "What motivates you to work in the Social Enterprise sector?" - to the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 20th May 2013. In the subject line, please do not forget to put the job codes you are applying against. For example, if you are applying for two positions type in "VIF2013-01, VIF2013-02" in the subject line. Job Codes are available in the respective Job Descriptions.

Step 2: Essay and References

Those shortlisted in step 1, will be intimated and invited to send in a 500 word essay on "Describe one of your accomplishments from the personal or professional front which impacted others" along with 4 professional references, of whom we will pick 2 to follow up with. So please make sure you send us referee contacts whose contact details have been verified and who are reachable without too much trouble. Please also note that we will have telephonice concersations with the referees and require both email address and telephone/mobile contact details.

Step 3: Telephonic Interview

Those shortlisted in step 2 are invited to a telephonic interview

Step 4: Personality Test

The shortlisted applicants in step 3 will be then required to take an online 16 personality factors test.

Step 5: Personal Interview

Those shortlisted in step 4, will be required to attend a personal interview. Overseas candidates will attend these interviews through video-conferencing or video skype

Step 6: Final Selection and Offer letters

Based on the above steps, we will select the fellowship cohort. Offer letters will be issued in July.

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